Around The Marina

Marina Fort Louis is nicely located steps away from the center of Marigot, the capital of Saint-Martin. Besides the on-site Yacht Club restaurant, you will find many other restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, wine shops and all sorts of boutiques, all in a laid back Mediterranean-Caribbean ambiance.

Shopping Fort Louis About St. Martin Yacht Club Restaurant Map

Shopping & Market

Close by is the prestigious shopping mall 'West Indies' featuring international brands and fashion.
Don't miss the picturesque quayside local fruit and vegetable market on Wednesdays and Saturdays or the daily craft market. Accessible by foot or dinghy are laundry shops, boatyards, a chandlery, sailmaker and repair/welding businesses.

Fort Louis

St Martin's most impressive historic monument, the 'Fort Louis' - right on the hill behind the Marina, offers great views over the Bay of Marigot and onto the neighboring island Anguilla. More info about the fort on Wikipedia!
View from Fort Louis