Hurricane Preparedness Information

Published on 05/07/2023
From June 1st to November 30th, Saint-Martin is subject to hurricane risks. Be safe and vigilant, and follow the Marina’s guidelines in the event of a hurricane warning or tropical storm.
In preparation of the hurricane season, we caution take the time and effort to plan necessary actions to secure and protect your vessel.

Marina Fort Louis has a hurricane preparedness plan detailing what you can expect from the marina in event of an approaching hurricane or tropical storm. Be familiar with your responsibilities and liabilities as well as those of the marina.

Good to know:

— Marina Fort Louis is not a shelter in the event of a hurricane, the best way to secure your vessel locally is inland on a boat yard.

— In the event of a hurricane, the marina is exposed to extreme lashing winds, torrential rains, and inundating storm surges.

— The marina cannot and will not assume responsibility for the safety of your vessel.

— Should local authorities announce a level ORANGE alert, it means a hurricane or tropical storm is imminent. An order currently prohibits mooring in Saint-Martin once this phase is officially activated.

— Bridges on both the French and Dutch side will not open above wind speeds of 25 knots sustained.

— Saint-Martin offers pre-landfall public shelters, the list of which is available on official websites and the marina office.

More information on hurricane preparedness and local rules available on the following official websites:

Saint-Martin Port Authority
Collectivité de Saint-Martin (in French)
Préfecture de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélémy (in French)