St. Martin / St. Maarten Bridges

The road around the Simpson Bay Lagoon features two drawbridges which cover channels connecting the lagoon with the open sea. The lagoon is split (between the French and the Dutch side) by a third bridge called the Causeway bridge. At different scheduled hours the bridges open for yachts to transit and thus the car traffic is stopped.

French Bridge Times Dutch Bridges Times Bridge Map

St. Maarten Bridges (Dutch side)

Simpson Bay Bridge

Opening times:
8.30 am Outbound traffic
9.30 am Inbound traffic
10.30 am Outbound traffic
11.30 am Intbound traffic
3.00 pm Intbound traffic
4.00 pm Outbound traffic
5.00 pm Intbound traffic

Height closed: 2.4 m
(average depending on tides).
Width: 17.0 m
Controling depth: 6.0 m
VHF: 12
Tel: +1-721 545-5230 / 545-3183

Causeway Bridge

Opening times:
8.00 am In/Outbound traffic
10.00 am In/Outbound traffic
3.30 pm In/Outbound traffic

Height closed: 6.2 m
(average depending on tides).
Width: 23.0 m
Controling depth: 6.0 m
VHF: 12
Tel: +1-721 545-5230 / 545-3183

St. Martin Bridge (French side)

Sandy Ground Bridge

Opening times every day:
8.30 am In/Outbound traffic
5.00 pm In/Outbound traffic

Departing boats have priority.
Passage is free.
Width: 10 m
Depth: 3.5 / 3.8 m
Draught: 2.9 / 3.3 m
VHF: 16
Tel: +590 590-875004
The bridge is operated by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin