Port Clearance Assistance

Fill in your port clearance online when you arrive or leave the Marina. We also provide clearance documents if you intend to visit Anguilla.
For a more personalized assistance, please contact us.
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Marigot Port Clearance Anguilla Port Clearance

Marigot Port Clearance Assistance

Click the link below and follow the step by step instructions:
Port of Marigot Clearances

Assistance fee
Clearance assistance from 5.49 to 17.07 meters, or 18 to 56 feet.
✱ For marina's clients only.
15.00 € **
7.50 € ✱
Clearance assistance from 17.37 to 60.96 meters, or 57 to 200 feet.
✱ For marina's clients only.
30.00 € **
15.00 € ✱
** 4% TGCA Gov. Tax not included.