Renovations 2020

Published on 19/03/2020
We are excited to offer our guests a variety of new and improved facilities & services, as we progress with our renovations and prepare for a full grand reopening slated for November 1st 2020.
Phase 1

- Jan 2019 → Sept 2020
- Project owner: Collectivité de Saint Martin
- Investment: 5,5M €
- The marina is open during renovations!

Renovations in 2019-2020 are committed to delivering a new and improved experience at the Marina. They consist of designing a brand new marina building, revamped Yacht Club, carrying out various repairs to existing docks, sheet-pile walls & the breakwater, as well as upgrading utilities services and boosting security.


Phase 2

Renovations will be deployed in 2020-2021 (details disclosed soon!).

Renovation key points:

→ A fresh new look

Building renovations include floor to ceiling transformation
with improved accessibility to customer services, a
captains & crews lounge, expanded outdoor casual
dining at the Yacht Club and new office space shore side.

→ Upgraded premium utility services

Our marina is getting smarter with 53 pedestals offering
real time information on water & power consumption
from your smartphone, remote controlled equipment
management, a newly upgraded WiFi network and
charging stations to power up your electronics.

→ Downtown Marigot & Waterfront Revitalization

A place where locals, boaters and leisure guests alike can
enjoy an exceptional experience. Among projects being
completed this season by local government :

- New street & pedestrian lighting
for the marina & surrounding area. Cost : 400k €

- Tourist information kiosk
a few steps away from the Marina. Cost : 120k €

- Waterfront container village
including 14 restaurants, 5 bars & 6 boutiques. Cost : 972k €

- Sandy Ground bridge renovation
for improved marine traffic. Cost : 1.3M €

- Marina Port La Royale
re-decking. Cost : 41k €

- Removal of 148 shipwrecks
From Simpson Bay, Sandy Ground, Marigot bay,
Cul-de-Sac and Oyster Pond. Cost : 2,35M €

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