CE2 pupils at the Marina

Published on 26/04/2024
The Hervé Williams School Discovers the Marina Fort Louis!
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On Thursday 18 April, the CE2 class from the elementary school Hervé Williams, under the guidance of Madame Jessie Alphonse, explored the marina during an educational visit. This activity is part of their curriculum aimed at discovering their immediate environment, with a specific focus on Marigot and its essential components.

Marina Fort Louis, offers our youth a unique perspective on the operation and economic importance of marinas. The visit not only enriched the pupils' understanding of their environment, but also aroused their curiosity and interest in the maritime world.

The enthusiasm and commitment of our team, who shared their knowledge and passion for the yachting industry, had a significant impact, as demonstrated by the extremely positive feedback from the students, who gave the experience an A+ grade. Experiences such as this strengthen the bond between Marina Fort Louis and our local community, making our marina a true place of learning and discovery.
Marina Fort Louis continues to be a place where young people can discover the maritime world and learn about it, through educational field such as this one. Stay tuned for our next publication, where we will be highlighting inspiring individuals in our marina community who are working to promote nautical education.

We'd like to thank everyone for their dedication and professionalism, which greatly contributed to the success of this educational experience.