We welcome you safely

Published on 26/06/2020
In order to protect you, we have put in place some special measures on the Marina. We supervise our users and employees to ensure that they respect the rules that protect themselves and others from COVID-19.
Your health is one of our biggest priorities!

Our Commitment

COVID-19 prevention is now one of our key guidelines. Our mission is to offer you safety and well-being in the Marina, with:
- Provision of self-service hydroalcoholic gel.
- Provision of bins for disposing of single-use objects.
- Regular cleaning of the Marina premises, and the surfaces close to users.
- Easy online procedures, including water and fuel supplies, access to online clearances.

During the state of health emergency until July 10th:
- Restricted access to the Marina through the security post, and systematic signature on the entry and exit cards of all users.
- Access temporarily forbidden to visitors.
- Access to companies only on presentation of a card.


Guided prevention

Signs and instructions are placed in all strategic areas of the marina to guide you.

Signs and instructions

Rules to respect

We ask all our users and employees to apply the rules that have been put in place:
- Respect the minimum physical distance of one meter (6 feet).
- Wearing a mask is mandatory when physical distance cannot be guaranteed.
- No grouping of more than 10 people.
- In the event of evacuation, assembly in the car park - entrance to the footbridge, observing
the minimum physical distance of one meter (6 feet).


For more information on these special measures, you can also consult the COVID-19 section, which is updated regularly.

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Marina!